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Want Your State to Secede-11-13-12 PDF  | Print |  E-mail


FYI, a lot of petitions have been posted on the Whitehouse web site for states to secede from our corrupt, liar, now socialist USA. If you are interested in signing a petition for your state to secede go to Scroll down to your state, register and vote.

If enough folks sign it sure will show the current insanely out of  control Federal government has lost the confidence of a very large number of Americans. 

Charles Kettell
Spanish Fort, AL.

51% of Americans are now certified STUPID, FREELOADER LEACHES, or DEAD who voted early & often under Eric Holders no ID voting policy.
OBAMA CONTINUES TO constantly be Lying, the Troops & Ambassadors be unnecessarily Dying, while Fuel & Food prices be Skying. Unemployment, Foreclosures and Food Stamps be high flying. Obama's SOCIALISM WILL DESTROY USA and our Freedom. If you thought things were bad prior to the "election" stand by for the result of the 51% & others getting "screwed" via rapid inflation, higher unemployment, reduced medical care, a corrupt Supreme Court, Muslim Brotherhood, etc. Are you and family ready for the 28 hour workweek so employers can avoid the high cost of Obamacare? Emphasize purchasing from Red States.