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Obama to limit size (cap) 401k -4-12-13 PDF  | Print |  E-mail


FYI, Friday April 12 the WSJ reported on page A14 that Obama wants to limit the size (cap) of your 401k to raise more taxes. Due to his constant money printing inflation has/will continue so you will need more savings to retire but the bummer wants to raise your tax instead. I guess backyard metal buring will be more popular and you can keep paying for his parties and almost daily campaigning on air force 1.

Also, for you tax e-filers Obama is refusing to help protect you & proscute  TAX RELATED identity-theft and it is up 650% to 650,000 in 2012. Page A15 WSJ April 13th. If a thief gets your refund and all the info on your tax return YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! The fed's will not help prosecute by giving info to local DA's!

How much longer folks?


The DEAD & non-taxpayers vote early & often under Democrat & Eric Holders no ID voting policy.
To destroy U.S.A. - divide the people against each other and bankrupt the Federal Government! Sound familiar?