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AL & Nat. Rep. Parties vs.Common Core-4-16-13 PDF  | Print |  E-mail


To all my Baldwin County friends. Both the Alabama and National Republican Parties have come out against Common Core the Federal Government's one size fits all socialist education program. Federal Education programs have a long standing dismal record of success in-spite of massive funding. Senator Tripp Pittman of your Baldwin County is the sole vote standing in the way of repeal of Common Core in Alabama. Why is a Senator in the Red state of Alabama and in the super Red Baldwin County backing the current socialist Federal Administration? Most Alabamians want local control of their schools! Please contact Senator Pittman at 621- 0535 or his Montgomery office  334-242-7897, to express yor feeling about OUR KIDS EDUCATION.

See below facts from Common Sense our local Tea Party about Common Core.


Charles Kettell
Spanish Fort, AL.

The DEAD & non-taxpayers vote early & often under Democrat & Eric Holders no ID voting policy.
To destroy U.S.A. - divide the people against each other, bankrupt the Federal Government and vote God out of politics! Sound familiar?