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Open Letter to Jo Bonner 5-17-13 PDF  | Print |  E-mail



The honorable Congressman Jo Bonner,

I attended your recent meeting at Westminister Village and asked the first question about the the constant "misinformation" coming out of the current Administration and Congress.

Obviously it is now a lot worse. You campaigned in the last election as an "Obama Fighter" & now is the time for you and other true patriots to stand firm and fight "our" commander in chief. What the IRS did to corrupt the last election is a crime and should be treated as such and the"players" in this action should be jailed &/or impeached for their attack on our LIBERTY. It is clearly a Civil Right Violation of conservative, religious voters.   The  purpose of the IRS was also intimidation of American's similar to Hitler's SS. Jo, what is my chance as a TEA Party Charter member of getting ANY TREATMENT UNDER  the IRS managed ObamaCare? 

Add the many level of lies the prior to election about the Benghazi cover-up, long term on-going lies on the insanely high true cost of ObamaCare, and the Sequestration that Obama designed to hurt as many American's as possible THEN certainly IMPEACHMENT OF OBAMA SHOULD BE YOUR TOP PRIORITY. Please copy this email to Senators Sessions & Shelby and any other helpful legislator. Copy Obama!

As a decorated combat veteran of Vietnam I assure you my fellow soldiers who did not return did not pay with their lives for me and any other freedom loving American's to be silent in the face of such an obviously tyrannical administration. Again, we true patriots will not be silent or intimidated - and surely that applies to you and our other legislators! 

Thank You!

Please feel free to forward and Please call/email your Federal Legislators. Thank You!

Charles Kettell
Spanish Fort, AL.

The DEAD & non-taxpayers vote early & often under Democrat & racist Eric Holders no ID voting policy. The last "election" was also stolen by the illegal & corruptly liberal partisan IRS, plus Obama's ultra liar Benghazi cover-up.
BO is total BS! Do not let the Corrupt Ruling Class silence you! DEFEND OUR FREEDOM!