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Democrat Call List

I know of 5 Democrat US senators up for re-election in 2014. I am calling them (and a lot others) asking why they are backing the destructive, vindictive,  adversarial, healthcare and jobs killing American hating, anti Roman Catholic, pro Muslim brotherhood actions of Obama and Reid. I am also asking why did the Legislators deserve exemption from ObamaCare and how do they feel about their base of Unions opposing ObamaCare. I plead with you to take a few minutes and call their office, most are answered by answerphone.

1. Prior Ark 202-224-2333

2 Franken MN 202-224-5641

3. Hagen NC 202-224-6342

4. Landrieu LA 202-224-5824

5. Begich AK 202224.3004


I also suggest calling

6. Manchin of WV whose state is being destroyed by Obama and is under extreme pressure from his voters 202-224-3954 

7. Baucus who is quitting the senate & has declared ObamaCare a "Train Wreck" 202-224-2651

8. Ben Nelson-- FL would be a red state with proper voter ID 202-244-6551

Feel free to call any other red state or other democrat senator. Phone numbers are easy to get online "us senator telephone number"


Charles Kettell
Spanish Fort, AL.

BO is total BS! Welcome to Obama's BS of A and coming Nazi type Marshal Law! Do not let the Ultra Liar, Corrupt Ruling Class silence you! Speak out & DEFEND OUR FREEDOM!