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Open letter to President Obama, 12/25/12 PDF  | Print |  E-mail

President Obama,                                                                                                           12/25/12

My name is Hugh Wilson from Spanish Fort, Alabama. I stand with you in sympathy over the tragedy at Sandy Hook. In the moment you were giving your speech in regards to this event I was and am still hoping upon hope that you will declare enough is enough and that the Cultural Slide of our nation away from the founding principles has to stop here.

Our nation over the last 50 years has systematically removed Christ from the public square for Political gain and political correctness. Christians in their naivety and wanting to get along have turned a blind eye to the erosion of their liberties and the decay of morality in our society. Your fellow Democrats the Republicans and We the People are complicit in the degradation of our society. Every Founding father stated that this Government was a Miracle from God and that it could not and would not endure if, as a nation, we turned away from God.

John Quincy Adams stated on 7/4/1837 that the American Revolution “Connected in one indissoluble bond, principles of Civil Government to the Principles of Christianity.” We have broken that bond by removing Prayer from School including the 10 simple tenants of good behavior taught in the 10 Commandments. We have kicked Nativity scenes from Public View, demeaned and disregarded the meaning of Christmas. Removed Crosses from Public where they were erected to honor our fallen warriors. Arrested and Disbarred Judges for Declaring their Faith. We allow Porn on the Streets and TV for our children to see.

Most bad things happen because boundaries and consequences are not set and personal responsibility is not taught. Thou shalt not kill; steal, lie etc. are simple societal norms. These are Absolutes no matter what religion unless you worship Satan or another religion which says it is OK to Kill. It is my belief that most people including the Mentally Defective can latch onto the ideas of right and wrong if taught this at a young age. Societal Absolutes based on something larger than self IE:” God” are powerful influences.

President Obama you and our Nation are at a Crossroads. You can take this tragedy and start a renewed path to enlighten our Nation back to the bond between Christian Principles and the Principles of Government or you can start a war on the 2nd Amendment then the 3rd, 4th and so on. It has been said you are a Communist, a Socialist, a closet Muslim, I have even heard you called the Anti-Christ. All I know is you are my President and our nation is in Grave Danger. Everyone wants to talk of the Fiscal Cliff I believe we are closer to a Spiritual Abyss. We are a resilient people a fiscal cliff we can beat. If we fall into the Abyss there may be no return. Prove your leadership, your American Heritage your Christian faith take this Act of EVIL and start the process of casting out our Demons. You are not alone. I pray and my church prays for you our leaders and our nation every day.

Hugh Wilson

Spanish Fort, Alabama