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Open Letter Alabama Senators Sessions and Shelby-10-5-13 PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Mr. Sessions and Mr. Shelby, greetings;

You may rest assured, Senator, that I have a Great Love for my Country — the United States of America and all She stands for.

I grew up in the years during and following the Korean War; I remember hearing the adults talking about The War (WWII) and about what was happening in Korea. I learned by watching the grown-ups to stand when a lady came into the room, to stand at attention and salute when our Flag came by in a parade. I learned that this was the greatest nation on earth because of the men and women who had sacrificed blood and life to make and keep us free and because of our belief in God. Maybe I didn’t so much “learn” it as I “absorbed” it through exposure to it.


The United States led the World to Freedom and Democracy and showed those who would look and learn how to build a Democratic type of Government.
Many nations patterned their own constitution after the one by which We, the People, live and prosper.

I have a deep and abiding love and respect for the Office of the Presidency of the United States of America. The person who holds this office commands the Finest Fighting Force the World has ever known — the United States Military. This Military has gone to fight beside oppressed peoples around the World and helped them to defeat the despots who would destroy them. America has gone to the aid of victims of earthquakes, famine, great sickness and other catastrophes the World over and never asked for anything in return.

I am proud to say I served with the US Army/National Guard for fifteen years. I have two “hero” medals; Army Good Conduct with three awards and Army Reserve Components Commendation Medal with three awards. I also have the “standard” medals from service in Vietnam. That makes me a “decorated” Vietnam Veteran; unlike some I know of, my medals were honorably earned.

I know that, in politics, it’s “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” I know about “being polite” to other members when on the floor of the Senate or the House chamber. For instance, “the gentlelady from California” or “my good friend from Massachusetts” when it would be more appropriate to tell them to jump off a tall building or some such.

I do not agree with the Supreme Court decision of 1898 that “anybody born here is a citizen.”  How many babies of Mexican mothers are citizens because she made it across the border before the baby came? That’s not right. I believe that to be a Citizen, eligible to vote in Federal elections and eligible to hold Federal office that person should be the child of two U.S. Citizens in good standing and born in the United States or on a military base or embassy grounds in a foreign land.

The Founders wrote in the Constitution, only a “natural-born citizen” would be eligible to the Presidency. At that time, it was understood by all that “natural born” meant born in the United States or its territories and both parents were US Citizens. This was not specifically spelled out in the Constitution because everyone understood what was meant by the term “natural-born.” Obama could be “native-born” but he is not “natural-born.”

Barack Obama is a good example. He could have been born in the United States (altho that has not yet been proven) but he was not raised as an American; hence he is the most Un-American ever to hold the office. His mother (an avowed communist/socialist) was, I suppose, a US Citizen but his father was not if what we’ve been told is true. He was raised in Indonesia (as a Muslim) and Hawaii (by grandparents who were avowed Communists). His heroes in his teen years were, by his own admission, communists.

I don’t know just what we can do to prevent this in the future but Congress should be able to do something. We have spilled much blood and sacrificed many lives in the fight to stop the spread of communism and enslavement. Why, then, do we allow the Communist Party to set up right here in the US??

Why do we allow Muslims to build mosques and training camps for the purpose of promoting death and destruction?? Why are we made to hold as “religion” a belief system that calls for the enslavement and/or death of any who do not believe? Why are we made to consider “sacred” places or buildings which are used to manufacture, assemble, and train in the use of materials which are to be used in killing those who do not believe?

The First Amendment of our Constitution guarantees US Citizens the freedom to worship and believe a god or God of their choosing; this does not include killing any who believe differently.

Why are muslims allowed to pray - in school or in public - but American Christians are not? Why are muslim clerics held in high esteem by those in the US Congress but American pastors, preachers, ministers are not?

True, Congress opens each day with a prayer but where does it go from there? Why can’t schools open each day with a prayer? Is it because someone may be “offended”? That, sir, offends me. This Nation was founded on Godly principals by Godly Men - not “religionists” or “deists” but Men who believed in the Power of a “Supreme Being”, “Nature’s God” and other such sobriquets used to describe the God of our Protestant religion,. Anyone who is “offended” by our belief in and worship of Jesus, the Lord God, our Heavenly Father, God Almighty, are free to live elsewhere. They are also free to worship whatever god they want to as long as they leave the rest of us alone. The First Amendment was put in the Constitution so that our government could not tell us how to worship; government is not supposed to promote one religion over another.

I understand the idea of “giving deference to the president” because of his station. I usually say this is the correct thing to do but not when the president’s stated goal is “fundamental transformation of the United States.” This must be opposed at all times and all costs. The Congress - our Lawmakers - are tasked with the protection of and smooth operation of the lives of the Citizens of the US. Congress makes laws by which the People, with their consent, live day by day. Congress is also tasked with removing from office any official, including the President of the Unites States, who works to overthrow the government of the United States.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama has proved beyond any doubt that he does not believe in the exceptionalism of America and Her People. He has proved beyond doubt that he considers himself and his cronies to be above the Law. He has shown many times that he is incapable of true leadership and is unfit to serve this Great Nation as president.

This latest fiasco with closure of the National Parks is just one example of his immature, school-boy type attitude of “this is my ball and you’ll play by my rules.” He infuriated a large portion of the American People by his actions in closing the Memorials on the National Mall and refusing access to them by the very Men who made this Nation great. He has told Chaplains they could not hold services and Border Patrol agents have been pulled off the job; but the golf course at Andrews is open for his pleasure.

These actions and his refusal to negotiate to find a way to fund the government and return to more “normal” governing show his immaturity. He has not once presented to Congress a workable budget proposal as prescribed by Law. He gives preference to muslims who have sworn to destroy Israel (“Little Satan”, our strongest ally) and to “cut the head off the Great Satan (euphemism for the United States).” Many times he has insulted Mr. Netanyahu and turned his back on Israel. He has held secret talks with representatives of the Iranian ayatollah and the Russians.

I ask you,
Senators Sessions and Shelby, why is this man still in the Oval Office? Why have impeachment proceedings not been begun? Why are those in government allowed to run roughshod over the American People?

I trust I am not the only one writing to you concerning this matter; I hope you and your colleagues will find a way to resolve this problem of leadership in America.
God Blessed America … and He will again, if we allow it.

Thank you for what you do for America and for Alabama.

Bill Atkeison
Proud US Army Veteran;
Legal, Natural-born (many generations) US Citizen
Semmes, AL