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Fewer Bullets Won’t Stop the Killing

I supposed it’s to be expected. Every time something like the shooting in Tucson happens, people start yelling about the Second Amendment and “gun control” and right-wing conspiracy theorists.

“Let’s make a new rule!” is heard throughout the land. If the “old rule” didn’t stop a lunatic from shooting a bunch of people, why would a “new rule” stop him?

It’s already against the law to shoot people except in self-defense or in defense of property or another person’s life. What good is a rule about how many bullets you can carry ?

If we take away all of the guns, people will do more killing with knives. Take away all of the knives, and they will use big sticks, baseball bats, large rocks or their bare hands.

Killing one another has been a human trait for something more than our collective lifetimes. We need a people change, not law change.