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Why is Common Core such a HOT BUTTON Issue? PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Why is Common Core such a HOT BUTTON Issue?  Read and see for yourself.

UC-Berkley professor emeritus of math changes her mind about common core when she sees her grandson’s homework…has to be personal sometimes!!!


David Coleman, now head of the College Board (NOT an educator, but an “educrat”), recently re-wrote AP US History framework (see attached document where RNC passes resolution to delay implementation…lots of details in this resolution that are not in this article)


Dr. Milgram was the only math expert on the CC standards validation committee…he refused to sign off on standards!!!  Doesn’t this just say it all?  “A one-size-fits-all academic achievement target must of necessity be low,” Milgram said. “Otherwise politically unacceptable numbers of students will fail.”


It is hogwash to say that CC standards are based on “empirical” data – CC is an UNTESTED, UNPROVEN national experiment developed by “educrats” – NOT content experts (watch video here to hear Dr. Stotsky talk about this:  -- start watching at about 22 minutes)

FTA: ACT is pleased to be an active partner with the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Because these standards are based on empirical data and reflect the shared goal of preparing students for readiness in credit-bearing college courses and in careers, ACT's Course Standards and College Readiness Standards™ successfully align with the Common Core State Standards.