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Magnificent 7 


1. Economic Freedom essential to America's Recovery

Polls continue to show most Americans feel our Country is on the wrong course. Many sense we are witnessing the decline of our Country. We are. Worse yet - we don't have a plan to get back on course. We do, however, have the proven solution.


2. Champion Economic Revival

Restore the 'Business Friendly" environment that once built wealth opportunities and choices for all Americans. Millions of good jobs, internships and apprenticeships can be available when government gets out of the way.


3. Taxes & Regulations vs. Opportunity

Government receives over 30% of our National Income - more than $4 Trillion of the American peoples' money (taxes & regulatory costs) annually. It's is a huge burden on U.S. citizens and businesses. It also constricts the American people's voluntary spending and opportunity for startups creating new employment opportunities.


4. Bills: Simplified, in Plain English with Mission & Incremental Steps

Our US Constitution is the lasting foundation for the most powerful and prosperous nation on the globe. It is approximately 4500 words and can be read in less than 30 minutes by most anyone. Bills passed in Congress, Executive orders and all regulatory mandates and tax codes must be simplified and written in plain English such that every man, woman and teenager can read it and clearly understand it.


5. Implement Continual Process Improvements in Government

Inefficiency in any organization is costly - our tax payer funded government is no exception. Government doesn't seem to understand that when an agency loses or wastes millions or billions, that loss represents to Americans hundreds of thousands of hours of work and cut backs on voluntary spending at the dinner table and at the stores or for a new business. Waste and inefficiencies are simply too expensive for the American people to sustain.


6. US Dollars vs. Wealth

The difference is best understood by using the example of the Federal Reserve printing billions of stimulus dollars each month. This printing of dollars does not make our nation wealthier. The additional dollars only provides more dollars to spread around in order to pay bills and meet commitments. However, it is not wealth. Wealth comes from private sector innovations, products, services and ideas.


7. Forget Big or Limited - Americans want Good Government

Refresher. The USA is a Republic (rule of law), not a democracy (rule of man where majority rules the minority). Rule of Law ensures true fairness, equality and stability.


- Fairness: Opportunity for all, not just some. Minority rights are protected from Majority Rule. No class or underclass system.
- Equality: All persons are equal under the law, no one is above or below the law.
- Stability: The Law - US Constitution - is the solid foundation for our great nation, regardless of party in power.

We're far from those ideals and guarantees at this point.



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