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TEA Party Nation;
Tuesday night, Barack Obama gave what has to be one of the worst State of the Union addresses in the history of the nation.
The State of the Union is pretty much now little more than a political pep rally for the sitting President. This one was more offensive than most and at least one Congressman, Steve Stockman of Texas was offended by it and had the courage to walk out of the event.
During the speech, Barack Obama announced his three horsemen of his economy apocalypse. There are three agenda items he wants passed in 2014. The scary part is he might get them and if he does, it will be economic Armageddon for America.
What are the three horsemen of Obama’s economic apocalypse?
Obama demanded three policies be enacted during his long and boring State of Obama address. First, he wants Amnesty.
Ignoring the idiocy of his Secretary of Homeland Security announcing that illegal aliens had “earned” the right to receive citizenship, legalizing illegal aliens would be a disaster this nation would never recover from economically.
America has 93 million people out of the work force. The size of our work force is now down to where it was in 1978! If those who have given up searching for work were included in the unemployment rate, it would be over 10%.
Despite all of that Obama and the corporatist GOP leadership wants to import millions of low skill workers into America. These people will make it harder for Americans to find jobs, depress wages and bankrupt social services. The Cloward-Piven strategy for bringing down the American economic system involves making so many demands on the system that it cannot keep up and it collapses. That is what Amnesty will do to America.
Obama wants the government to mandate a minimum wage of $10.10 per hour. Only 3% of wage earners make minimum wage but minimum wage is often used as a trigger for union wage increases, which is Obama’s real goal here. He wants to payback the unions that supported him.
Every time minimum wage goes up, the minimum wage worker loses because there are fewer of them. Many teenagers cannot get the minimum wage jobs now because they simply are not worth it to the employer.
Obama’s minimum wage plan should be called the “R2-D2 plan.”
Because if you keep pushing up the minimum wage for low skill or unskilled workers they will be replaced by R2-D2. That is, the person taking orders at Wendy’s or McDonalds will be a robot.
The third horseman of Obama’s economic apocalypse is his demand that he be given fast track authority to negotiate the Trans Pacific Partnership trade treaty. Obama cannot be trusted. He is a complete liar and we know any promise Obama makes is only good as long as it is politically expedient to him.
The Trans Pacific Partnership will destroy America sovereignty, American jobs and American liberty. Small mom and pop businesses will be destroyed by foreign competition that is given subsidies to come to America to do business.
And when those mom and pop businesses have to sue the foreign businesses because of unfair practices or anything else, they won’t be able to go down to the county courthouse and seek justice from twelve of their fellow citizens. They will be forced to submit to a foreign tribunal some where in the pacific!
If Barack Obama gets all that he wants, it will be an economic apocalypse for America. America will go from being the economic engine and superpower of the world to an economy that can barely keep up with Peru.
These are the battles we fight this year. Because if we lose, it truly is Armageddon for America.