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Re-packaging the Conservative Message

All of us at TPN, with the possible exception of a few trolls, cherish our conservative principles. We fully understand the value of concepts like Freedom, Private Property and Personal Responsibility. We grow impatient with, maybe don’t even like, people who don’t hold those principles in equal esteem. It’s easy to dismiss people we neither respect nor like.

But what if your future depended on converting a young skull full of mush to seeing things your way? How would you do it? Because your future – America’s future – DOES depend on it in large measure!

Seriously, we’ve all seen the sneers at our stodgy, ‘old fashioned’ notions, the disdain for wealth accumulation, the outright contempt for our Founders and the principles they believed in…. The temptation is likely to be to give way to temper and apply some percussive persuasion. But we all know that’s probably not the best way to get the job done. Between the entertainment industry and the public school system these kids are convinced that socialism is the philosophy of ‘social justice’ and conservatism is mean and selfish. What do you do?

Bill Whittle believes re-packaging the conservative message is at least part of the answer. I have to agree. And I think after you watch his speech delivered at the “Defending The American Dream Summit” in Orlando just a few days ago you will agree, too. For me it was like watching rabbits being pulled out of a hat. It was that fascinating.

This is exactly the kind of thing the RNC needs to get up to date on if we are to generate the kind of excitement that will get low-info people engaged and actually interested in the conservative message. If you like the video share it at Facebook, Twitter, etc., and maybe even send it along to the RNC as an example of what could be done to point us in a winning direction.

Toward the end there are a few remarks about the branding of the Tea Party, which really has taken quite a beating in the media if truth be told. Something else to think about, maybe?

View the 21 minute video.  Well worth your time!