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The presentation of the National Anthem 13 years ago was a proud moment for America... indeed. But, what happened?
The message that I take away from this video is: How one "bad apple" left unattended can poison the barrel. Colin Kapernick is that "bad apple". The fact that he was not identified as such at the first indication of his anti-Americanism expression of indignation during the National Anthem, led to what we are witnessing today... and the NFL is rightly suffering the consequences.
I hope that THIS super bowl has the lowest viewership of any in history. Even though I am an avid football fan--and former player--I certainly do not intend to watch a single play... or any broadcast of the pre- or post-game coverage.
If you are so inclined, I hope you will follow suit... and share this with all your contacts. Ratings drive the N.F.L.'s actions... and mainstream media's coverage.
Tomorrow is "MAINSTREAM AMERICA'S" opportunity to take a stand for the Anthem by sitting down and watching something else... or doing something productive while the game is being played.
I hope you will join me--and the millions of Americans--who will be "tuning out" the N.F.L. (and its showcase production--the Super Bowl) until the league takes a stand with America.

 A fabulous youtube video of our National Anthem!