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CSC Concerns in America


51 ‘State-Run Communism’ Actually ‘Works’
52 Muslim Brotherhood inherits U.S. war gear
53 Obama Commits Treason With The Muslim Brotherhood
54 Homeland Security promoting welfare enrollment to new immigrants
55 Obama Threatens 14 US Governors With Immediate Arrest
56 Boehner: Obamacare Must Be on Table During Budget Talks
57 GOP Legally BARRED from Fighting Vote Fraud
58 Does Obama Doom America?
59 Stolen Election? 11/10/12
60 John Galt Calling - Had Enough?
61 US helps advance UN arms treaty
62 Divided GOP Resulted in Obama Victory
63 America pronounces judgment on itself
64 SEAL Team Six Brings Out Powerful New Political Ad
65 Secret Cable Revelation Blows Open Benghazi Cover-Up Story
66 2012_Ballot_Amendments
67 CSC PAC Voters' Guide to 2012 Constitutional Amendments
68 Romney Soars in Pensacola! 10/27/12
69 Emails Told WH of Terrorist Claim Two Hours After Libya Attack
70 Romney Passes ‘Commander-in-Chief Test’
71 Obama Has Support of Putin, Chavez, Castro
72 Ronald Reagan, in 1961, on Socialism
73 Patriots! Get Involved in P'Cola!
74 AARP vs AMAC --CSC chooses AMAC
75 Judge Roy Moore-10-9-12
76 OUR REALITY SHOW-10-12-12
77 Alabama will not comply with a deadline
78 Vote Your Values 2012
79 American Capitalism Gone With A Whimper
80 Obama's Calculated Deception-9-9-12
81 They Said it Didn't Matter!
82 Executive Order – Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation
83 Can I Tell This Story and Not be Racist?
84 King Obama Flouts The Law Again
85 Churches Stand Together
86 "When Will Obama Crack?"
87 Christians should vote for Romney
88 Alabama to the U.N.--Don't Tread on Us!!
89 “to collect information about U.S. persons.”
90 400,000 US jobs, most of them almost immediately
91 Obama's War on Coal Undermines Manufacturing Jobs
92 Obama Administration Establishes White House Rural Council {Agenda 21}
93 GOP Lawmakers Protest Removal of ‘God’
94 Georgia’s Obama Eligibility Decision Legally Incorrect
95 If delivered by a white person, would this be considered racist?
96 Supreme Court Declares America a Christian Nation!
97 27 jobs bills waiting in the Senate
99 Amendment to End Foreign Aid to Egypt
100 Court forces Homosexual 'Marriage' upon 9 States
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