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Elois Zenah passed away-11:55 Friday evening, January 23 PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Dear All,
Elois Zenah passed away yesterday after a long battle with advanced lymphoma. For all of us who had the good fortune to have worked with her,she was an incredible woman whose understanding of the issues we were fighting for and her ability to rally support for those issues was unmatched. Our deepest sympathy goes out to her family and our prayers are with her as her suffering ended and she found peace in God's hands. 
Dr. Lou Campomenosi, President, Common Sense Campaign, Spanish Fort, Alabama 
Alabama loses a fighting lady patriot. Our friend Elois Zeanah has finished her fight.
From Jim Zeanah: It is my sad duty to tell you my dear wife Elois passed away at home about 11:55 Friday evening, January 23. She collapsed in my arms about 11:30 and died peacefully surrounded by by our son Derek, our daughter Kristen, and our daughter-in law Michelle. She was able to see her beloved granddaughter, Sagan, one last time when she arrived from California this past evening.
Elois battled advanced lymphoma for fourteen months with courage, grace, and optimism. In the end, it was overwhelming, and mercifully her suffering has ended.
During these months, she has received many treasured expressions of your encouragement and affection, and for which we have not been able to thank you properly. We have turned away many faithful friends who wanted to visit, because of the rigors of her treatments, her repeated infections, and her physical exhaustion. She wanted me to tell you she was sorry so much isolation was necessary. But in the end, she was happy that your last memory of her would be as she was in life and not in decline.
We are trying to a arrange her funeral Tuesday, January 27. I will send final details as soon as they are in place.
As one of you said, may God rest her in the palm of his hand.
~Jim Zeanah

Elois Zeanah