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Cody Phillips endorses Bob James in Primary Run-off Tuesday PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Cody Phillips 

I have given much thought over the past several weeks about which candidate I would support for Baldwin County Commission, District 2.  Cast your vote for Bob James, County Commissioner, District 2, on Tuesday, July 15, 2014.  This is a very important race that will determine which direction the County will proceed as population growth, road maintenance, expanding infrastructure, schools and economic development challenge all citizens on a personal level as well as the leaders we vote to place in office charged to represent us. I believe I speak with some authority having campaigned myself as a Republican and most importantly having served in county and city governments for over 21 years.

I had the opportunity to learn a great deal about the Republican candidates I faced during the County Commission race. This and other information gained about each candidate from their actions has led me, with some difficulty, to whom I believe would better serve the citizens of Baldwin County. The criteria I used to arrive at my decision to support one candidate over another included:

Integrity - Did the candidate truly act above board throughout the campaign? Did they remain completely open and transparent regarding their intentions, alliances and supporters? Did they use campaign tactics aimed at misleading other candidates and the public? Were they deceptive in any way? What alliances did they form during the campaign and were those alliances created for personal gain?

Experience - Does the candidate possess the skills and knowledge necessary to make sound governmental decisions (keeping in mind that running a private business does not quite equate to running the day to day business or operations of government). Will the candidate, if elected, lean on other Commissioners or other elected officials in making decisions or will they act as their own person and do what is beneficial for the public regardless of the repercussions?

Knowledge - Does the candidate have at least a basic understanding of governmental law and how local government works at various levels?

Sincerity - Has the candidate been sincere in their stated commitments to the public or were their actions during the campaign more of a show with no substance?

Originality - Did the candidate offer real and original ideas about solving current problems or did they copy the platform and ideas of other candidates with little to no understanding as to what they mean or how to implement those ideas?

Special Interests - While on the surface there may not be anything wrong with accepting contributions from special interest groups or Political Action Committees called PAC's, the possibility that these groups will want something in return for their large financial support to the candidate is a real possibility. The candidate's acceptance of these types of contributions provides insight into where the candidate's true loyalties might lie and how such ties may negatively affect their decisions on critical issues and adversely affect the citizens they have sworn to serve.

Personal Goals - Is the candidate seeking to gain anything financially or do they have higher aspirations that trump the interests of the citizens? Would they unselfishly sacrifice themselves and forsake any business they may own to serve the public?

I should mention that my intention is not to "sling mud" at any candidate but rather to enlighten you, the citizens of Baldwin County, about who I have come to realize has the best interest of the citizens in mind and who is not afraid to voice their convictions. Citizens should keep in mind that this Republican Primary is NOT a popularity contest but is about what matters and affects you and the future of Baldwin County. I have learned and discovered things that I will not reveal here publicly. What I will say is that I have become very disappointed in a number of people who have misled and deceived both you and me.

I met privately with both Chris Elliott and Bob James after the June 4th Republican Primary. I asked each very pointed questions about the campaign, their platforms and other things. Their responses to my questions were used in my evaluation. Based upon my evaluation of each candidate, I have concluded and ask all my supporters, those who voted for me, to support and cast their vote for Bob James for County Commissioner, District 2 on July 15, 2014.

I never found any evidence that Bob James had acted deceptively toward me during the campaign. To the contrary, he acted above board and was to the point when answering questions privately and at all the various forums where we participated. He demonstrated to me his vast knowledge of government operations, especially budgetary issues. He is not afraid to speak his mind about subjects that may adversely affect the public. He is very sincere and dedicated to doing what is best for Baldwin County. Cast your vote for Bob James, County Commissioner, District 2, on Tuesday, July 15, 2014.