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Why Judge McKinney is the most qualified as AL's next Sec of State


The Secretary of State’s office is a very important to me, not only does it oversee all of Alabama’s business filings but it is in charge of all elections.  As I have had the pleasure to get to know Judge McKinney over the past few months and I’m increasingly impressed by him and his wife.  They are strong Christians and their light shines brightly everywhere they go.  Judge McKinney’s reputation precedes him.  He is a very humble man who is well known for his honesty and integrity.  He is a class act and have yet to find anyone say anything negative about it.  He won overwhelmingly 2 times in his race for Probate Judge by running a positive campaign and uniting all segments of the diverse Montgomery community.   Marcia Chambliss has known and worked with him for years and can vouch for his integrity and experience too.

Here are just a few things that Judge McKinney has done that have specifically prepared him to be Secretary of State.  Not only do they set him head and shoulders above his opponent, (John Merrill) but they prove that he IS the best man for the job. (More details about his background and job experience can be found in the linked bio.)  Keep in mind his opponent has NO experience in elections what-so-ever and has not overseen AL business filings either; those 2 things are the bulk of the job as Secretary of State.  


  • Has been Probate Judge for Montgomery County for 15 years and has been in charge of over 50 elections. 
  • He has trained and mobilized over 1,000 volunteers to ensure fair and honest elections.
  • He established the Montgomery Election Center that was recognized nationally for innovations in the election process and received the national award for “Best practices in Election Administration”!
  • As Probate judge, he did such a good job managing the budget that on several occasions he actually returned tax-payer monies to the county!
  • He has 15 years of hands-on experience dealing with AL business filings which will be a large part of his job as Sec of State.
  • He is a “limited government” guy!  He believes Government is too big and will fight to reduce the size and scope of government in our daily lives. He actually did it while probate Judge in Montgomery County (See my 3 min. interview below.)
  • He and his wife are small business owners and he will do what it takes to reduce the red tape so small businesses, the backbone of our state, will thrive. 
  • He has been a Conservative his ENTIRE life!  (Unlike his opponent.)

Judge Reese McKinney IS THE TRUE CONSERVATIVE in this race. We need a strong man who has integrity and expertise in administering elections and overseeing business filings and who is ready to go to work on day one, rather than one who will need on-the-job training right off the bat.  He is the “underdog” in this race and I would love to see the grassroots get behind him-he is one of us!  If you would like to know more about Reese, I have attached his bio and you can reach him at 334-531-3738 if you would like to talk to him personally. 

Watch my 3 min interview with Reese here.

Watch my 30 sec endorsement here.

Read his Conservative Reform Pledge here.  

Be sure to click on his attached Conservative Reform Pledge- I LOVE IT!

Thanks for considering supporting Judge Reese McKinney for Sec of State.

In Liberty,