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AL State School Board Destroying the Republican Majority-12-15-13 PDF  | Print |  E-mail

AL State School Board Destroying the Republican Majority


AL State School Superintendent Thomas Bice and his liberal sycophants on the State School Board have totally ignored the parents of Alabama children and have by-passed, misinformed and then intentionally misled the Alabama Legislature. They have committed Alabama to a totally unproven, un-tested and federally controlled education program that will cost Alabama taxpayers many hundreds of millions of dollars to implement, and that, when it fails, as it surely will (as it is failing in other states now), is going to cost many Republican politicians their careers. When “ObamaEd” implodes, who will be left holding the bag? Who will be blamed for not repealing this extreme federal over-reach and abuse of power by the “Gang of Five” on The State Board of Education? Answer: Alabama Republicans. This is happening on their watch!


 ng time state board members Stephanie Bell and Betty Peters, and recently, new board member Jeff Newman, have attempted to stop these continuing deceptions regarding Common Core. Governor Bentley, who also serves as President of the School Board, has spoken out against it, all to no avail. As long as the Gang of Five votes together as a block, and the Legislature fails in their oversight duties, they and other conservatives are powerless to stop it. Thereby, the actions of the State School Board are destroying Republican credibility and conservatives’ loyalty to the Republican Party.


 Why the huge internal struggles within the Republican voter base now? Why is Republican Leadership often pitted against rank and file Republicans and why are conservative voters not satisfied with the establishment’s choices for candidates? The answer is simple: Common Core Education (now being called ObamaEd by many) and its federal over-reach in Alabama education. This Common Core dispute has drawn a line in the sand. That line is widening into an ideological chasm that threatens to devour the entire Alabama Republican Party. It is this wedge, created by those thrusting Common Core upon us, that is generating the great divide.


It should be pointed out that it was the so-called “Tea Party people,” many of whom fill the ranks of local Republican organizations, who formed the grass-roots army and [boots-on-the-ground] commanders who unseated the Democrats and replaced them with Republicans in 2010.


I keep hearing Republican politicians saying that they are being attacked by the Tea Party. Nothing could be further from the truth. Alabama conservatives, including the Tea Party, are attacking liberal philosophy and those liberals responsible for fomenting the destruction of family values and the American way of life. Remember, before Common Core, at least in Alabama, conservatives and Republicans were thought of as one and the same. That is why the Republicans swept the Alabama Legislature in 2010. Preserving individual freedom and stopping federal over-reach is the job we elected them to do. That is the job we still want them to do!


 If a Republican is misled into defending this destructive socialist agenda, by Superintendent Bice or others, if he steps in front of the verbal conservative bullets being fired in defense of liberty, it is unfortunate, but it is not the Tea Party’s fault. He should have been standing with us… not opposing us! Know this: if we are forced to choose between his political career and that of our children’s and our grandchildren’s futures- he loses every time.


Tommy Bice and the liberals on the school board, not the Tea Party, are the ones who have suckered Republican Leadership into this battle with their own base-into this looming political blood bath against their own strongest allies and supporters- against their grass roots volunteers, their friends and their boots-on-the ground Tea Party commanders.


Republican politicians: we the people are not your enemy. We do not want this battle, but if forced, we will wage it. We have no other choice. The minds of our children and the future of our country are at stake and “We Dare Defend Our Rights.” We sincerely hope that those of you who have not yet joined our cause will come to see the truth and stand with us in our struggles. Common Core must be “repealed and replaced” with honest, proven, high standards that reflect American values.


                                                                                               Ken Freeman,

                                                                                                Alliance for Citizens’ Rights

  To get the facts and discover the truth about Common Core in Alabama, please watch the excellent youtube presentation entitled, “Reasons to Repeal Common Core in Alabama.” Go to:">   or at the very least read the PDF file attached to this article. More in-depth information on Common Core can be found at “Alabamians


United for Excellence in Education.” (Website- www.