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2014 Legislative Issues for CSC


The Alabama Tea Party Conservative Coalition (ATPCC) met earlier this month in Wetumpka and has issued the following press release:

“While we understand the need to challenge, confront, and contain the Obama administration’s unconstitutional power grabs, we also recognize that our state has issues that we have to pay particular attention to if we are going to maintain the conservative Christian values we believe are critical for the future of Alabama and its way of life. To that end, we believe that it is in the interest of all Alabamians that the Tea Party Conservative Coalition provides to the public a list of our priorities for the forthcoming Legislative Session that starts on January 14th 2014.As we did for the last Legislative Session, we will commit to working with all likeminded individuals and groups to fulfill our objectives, and we hope all Alabamians will support us in that effort.”

“In a vote taken by those present, the ATPCC members decided that their ‘highest priority’ for this Legislative Session is to repeal Common Core (see we have seen throughout Alabama for the last two years, the groundswell of opposition to Common Core has grown to the point where it is not just the Tea Party Conservative Coalition that is opposing Common Core; now, the Alabama GOP (nationally, too), the Alabama Federation of Republican Women (nationally as well), various independent groups and individuals too numerous to mention here, have all joined the fight to repeal Common Core. We hope you will join us in this effort by immediately contacting your elected State Senator and House member and press them to support Senator Scott Beason’s bill to repeal Common Core.”

“In addition to repealing Common Core, the ATPCC will also take the lead to ensure that the following items are passed this legislative session—we again urge you to help us pass this agenda:”

§ "    Pass Homeschool Support Bill, SB38 (Education, State Department of Education not to regulate a license private, nonpublic, or church schools, clarified, public 2-year and 4-year institutions may not deny admittance to student based on attendance at private, nonpublic, or church school, State Department of Education may not deny certification to person because was employed by private, nonpublic or church school, Secs. 16-1-11, 16-28-7, 16-46-1 to 16-46-10, inclusive, am'd.)

§       Pass Alabama Informed Voter Act HB9

§       Repeal 1990’s Constitutional Convention Bill

§       Pass Initiative & Referendum (see"