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Initiative and Referendum:

  • Direct Initiative -- Qualified proposals go directly to the people
  • Indirect Initiative – Qualified initiatives go thru legislature.
  • Popular referendum – a citizen generated process to accept or reject legislative measures.
  • Legislative Referendum – when the legislature places measures on the ballot for citizens’ vote.

Mike Ball’s Initiative and Referendum bill

  • Signatures: Popular referendum CA and initiative signatures based on voters in last gubernatorial race 1.3% and 1% respectively.
  • Initiative to recall of legislative action
  • $1000 filing fee
  • Substantially similar petitions and voter rolls
  • Registered agent “shall” be consulted for ballot title and summary
  • Election day signature collection & circulators.
  • No special elections specifically for initiative.
  • Alternate amendments (Legislature can create an alternative bill)

Why I & R in Alabama

  • In 2000 Portrait of America research showed 57% of Alabamians were in favor of statewide I & R while 18% were opposed.
  • Pulse opinion research in 2010 of 500 Alabama registered voters 71% favored I&R.
  • Chart from Pulse opinion research.

How I &R will benefit Alabama

  • Term limits
  • Taxes
  • Education Reform
  • Election Reform – Ballot access
  • Gaming
  • Recall
  • Environmental reform
  • Utility Regulation
  • Bonds

In closing:

  • I & R is the only means of opening out government to “we the people”.
  • I & R will not do anything our legislative body is not already doing.
  • There should be no fear of I & R – embrace it.