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Dear Legislators,


Please see the "open letter to the Republican Leadership in the below email.  I'm forwarding this in case you have not seen it.  It pretty much sums up the abject frustration of the conservative base.


Some of you have said you support repeal of Common Core and a couple have even championed the issue, but overall support is shallow and the Republican Leadership for whatever reason is ambivalent at best and possibly opposed at worst.  This is a priority issue in the battle for limited government and paramount to protecting our children from centralized monolithic liberal indoctrination.  Repeal of Common Core is the only acceptable solution.


The need to repeal Common Core is vivid and vital to conservatives, so the legislative obstacles have been frustrating.  However, the tepid if not superficial Republican support and almost obstructionist attitude of the leadership have been disturbing.  Many are perplexed that we are fighting Republicans to retain local control of education and maintain a modicum of limited government.  It makes us wonder do we really know you; is the Alabama Republican Party really committed to constitutionally limited government?


The majority of Republican Executive Committees voted for repeal for Common Core including the state executive committees and almost every conservative grassroots or TEA party group in the state is fighting for repeal of Common Core, so this disconnect with our elected Republican officials is beyond bewildering - it begets distrust.


The push to repeal Common Core will only end when its repealed.  The Common Sense Campaign reaches over 2000 voters in eight counties, so these emails and letters are sent to the legislators from those areas and the Republican leadership.  However, we rarely if ever get a reply, so lack of responsiveness and disregard for our concerns is also a message for 2014.


Please contact me with any questions and thank you for reading this!


Pete Riehm

Chairman, The Common Sense Campaign