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As we get ready for Thanksgiving, we can be thankful that despite the State Board of Education’s refusal to rescind CCSSI, those of us at CSC involved with this issue are still working with the same broad coalition of like minded people throughout  the state to make sure that every legal remedy to the travesty we witnessed in Montgomery will not be allowed to stand. Since the Board vote, we have been examining our options and I want to discuss briefly what has been thought of and ask for your help in offering your insights into a “PLAN B”:

Ø  As soon as the next session of the Legislature convenes in February, have them pass the Resolution to rescind CCSSI to draw a line in the sand with the pro-CCSSI forces and  make the state aware of the deep opposition to CCSSI that exists;

Ø  We need to have our legislators examine ways to restrict implementation of CCSSI—this can be sticky because the Board of Education has certain rights, but the Legislature has the power of the purse, so we have some  leverage because to fully implement CCSSI will take millions of dollars that the supporters of CCSSI never discussed during the original vote  in 2010 to adopt CCSSI! Can you believe that they would try to go forward with a program without knowing full well the costs—oh, wait,we’ve heard this before from DC—silly me!

Ø  There is an opportunity to elect two conservatives to the Board next year: Gary Warren from Tuscaloosa is up for re-election and Randy McKinney’s seat is up because he is not running again. We have already reached out to our state wide Tea Party contacts in Warren’s area to begin working to defeat this RINO. In our area, CSC will vet the two candidates running in the GOP Primary, Jessica  James and Tracy Roberts so all of us will know which of those candidates truly supports conservative policies in education and is opposed to CCSSI!

Ø  Keep the pressure on Congress to defund CCSSI and the rest of Obama’s educational initiatives;

Ø  Your role in all of this? Keep the pressure on all of the elected officials at the state and national levels—continue to write to them and demand something be done about the takeover of Alabama’s education by a radical elite that is unaccountable and unrepresentative of our values—do not relent in keeping the pressure on these people—once they do not hear from us then they feel as though they have weathered the storm and can go back to business as usual!

In conclusion, let’s summarize why we are so adamantly opposed to CCSSI—here is something from an article I just read:

“Make no mistake about it: National standards is part of a project that aims to change the face of education in the United States.”

Clearly, this is the threat we face and why we have fought so long and hard to get rid of CCSSI—now is the time to re-double our efforts at helping to stop the spread of this cancer any further. Although we did not win the vote to rescind, we still have avenues open to us to eliminate CCSSI if we keep working together. Thanks! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Dr.Lou