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Alabama Tea Party Conservative Coalition
January 22, 2015

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For Immediate Release

Alabama Tea Party Conservative Coalition (ATPCC) Releases 2015 Legislative Priorities

Clanton, Alabama:  Independent Tea Parties and Conservative Activists across Alabama met at Clanton this past Saturday, 17 January, to work in concert to get their top five legislative priorities passed.  All five meet three guidelines:  They impact states’ rights, the state budget, and state education.  

ATPCC Planning Committee Chair, Dr. Lou Campomenosi and nationally noted Alabama Tea Party activist Becky Gerritson, stated that the unanimous vote of the attendees to repeal Common Core reflects not only the will of the people of Alabama as evidenced in professional polling, but also the opinion of the GOP Executive Committee, almost all of the County Executive Committees, and the Alabama Federation of Republican Women that have overwhelmingly voted to repeal Common Core for the last two years. Additionally, the Republican National Committee and the National Federation of Republican Women have joined respected think tanks from across the political spectrum that have called for improving student achievement by repealing the “one size fits all, federalized” regimen of Common Core (euphemistically called Alabama College and Career Ready Standards). Those messages have resonated as over a dozen states have joined the five that never adopted Common Core by withdrawing from Common Core with more contemplating following the lead of Texas (did not  adopt CC), South Carolina, Indiana and Oklahoma. It is clear that parents, teachers, and grassroots activists are becoming increasingly concerned as thousands have attended numerous forums that continue across Alabama in an effort to have our state once again control all aspects of education. Constituents have every right to expect responsiveness from their state legislators. Instead, what we have seen is that far too many legislators only respond to the misguided state monied interests that are being controlled by national lobbying groups that have poured millions of dollars into supporting Common Core.

The ATPCC’s five legislative priorities are:1)Repealing Common Core;2) A law to allow Carrying Guns in Cars;3) Passing a Family Privacy Act;4) Rejecting Medicaid expansion;5) Requiring a Civics Exam be administered to all High School seniors. 

 Becky Gerritson, emcee for Saturday’s event for the Alabama Tea Party Conservative Coalition, explained: “Alabama’s Tea Parties, Conservative groups of all stripes, including Homeschoolers, and Christian Schoolers, have sent a clear message to the political establishment that we are united to repeal Common Core and we will not stop until this federal takeover of Alabama’s education is removed.” She further said that, “We call upon the State Legislature to do its duty  to restore the unalienable rights of Alabamians to control education at the state and local level and to protect its citizens from the intrusion of the  federal government in the education of their children.”